Cup Of Tea Anyone?

This gorgeous TARDIS Tea Pot is the perfect companion for any Whovian craving a nice cup of tea! Beautifully crafted, and wonderfully …


Affordable Geek Approved Gifts!

Since it is the season of giving, I thought I’d go ahead and write an article with some neat gift ideas for the special geek in your life…


Light Show Fountain Speakers! See The Beat!

I love music. I love everything about music. I love the fact that it can bring me to tears, give me a reason to completely rock out, or simply make me break out in spontaneous dance moves. So you can imagine my overwhelming joy when…


Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

The Panoramic Ball is equipped with its own accelerometer which is used to measure the launch acceleration. This is important…


Must See: LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp!

The LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp is a fantastically relaxing mood lamp thought up by the masters of geekery at ThinkGeek.com. The LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp is a desktop tank which holds three “swimming jellyfish”….


Art Meets Engineering: iPad and iPhone Docks Done Right!

So nothing in this world that makes me happier when a gadget is both artistic and well engineered. Well, since I’m always in search for the next eye catching gadget, I decided to take a look on Etsy.com, a website specifically created for artists to sell their creations, and wasn’t I surprised to find a TON of electronic accessories!


Keyboards Have Gone Futuristic!

We thought the future was here when it came to the tablet computer, but sometimes the ability to type on these touch screens seems to be just too much of a challenge. And the bulky and cheap designs of the Bluetooth keyboard cases…


Minoru: The 3D Webcam!

Meet Minoru, your new techie best friend! What is Minoru, you ask? Minoru is a webcam which allows you to take pictures and stream video in 3D. That’s right 3D! Minoru will allow you…